The KnowCities Model (prel.)

The KnowCities Model (prel.). The report gathers not only the conceptual model but also the comparative study done by URBAN IQ and all good practices selected in Mentoring Activity. The work of IC is found under pp. 73-83. The KnowCities … Continued

European ICS Guideline

PREFACE As a result of constant changes caused by globalisation, emerging technologies and shorter product life-cycles, knowledge and innovation have already become the main competitive advantages of many companies. Especially European small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are highly dependent on … Continued

The Earnings Capability Index (ECI) Presentation

The Earnings Capability Index (ECI) Presentation

The Earnings Capability Index (ECI)

Introduction Intangibles have so far played a rather insignificant role in the management of a firm. Although gaining in importance for financial success over time and in management awareness, it still seems to be difficult to find adequate reporting, especially … Continued

Intellectual Capital or Wissenbilanz

published by: Journal of Intellectual Capital, 08.03.2007 Intellectual capital (IC) or Wissensbilanz process: some German experiences Leif Edvinsson (Lund University, Lund, Sweden) and Mart Kivikas (Wissenskapital E&K GmbH, Oberreichenbach, Germany) Abstract Purpose – This article aims to summarise a successful, … Continued

Intellectual Capital Statement – Made In Germany

published by:Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour Intellectual Capital Statement – Made in Germany Guideline 1.0 on the preparation of an intellectual capital statement Intellectual Capital Statement – Made In Germany  

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