Intellectual capital

The methodology of the research group “Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz” aims at strengthening the core competencies and the sustainable value enhancement of companies in the  knowledge based business environment. A clear structure and a modular proceeding concept assures the orientation on business … Continued

Personal Marketing

We started in 2012 with two pilot projects. At this stage all in German only.   For information in English please contact Tobias Hoxhold,

Intellectual Capital Statement and Management Report

Ever since the beginning of history, mankind has tried to find a balance between what you see and understand directly and where those things come from that you see. In 1931 the German government in the Weimarer Republic was forced … Continued


After an initial quick test has been made, we dig more thoroughly into specific business sector with questions and predefined indicators. We support with best-of-breed examples of how problems may be solved. However, there is no solution that fits all. … Continued

Change Management

In high value adding societies like Germany and Northern Europe, the most important competitive edge is the people and to foster an innovating culture. To stay in the lead, it is necessary to involve all personnel in improving the processes, … Continued

Turn Around

Instead of seeing change as a threat where you may lose your job, a turn around can only be sustainable when the whole organisation participates. Therefore our ECI™ starts to define realistic strategic goals and when they are defined and … Continued

Quick Test

In the beginning, we usually start by asking those five questions: 1.How can I keep and improve my competitive position? 2.What do we do differently and better than our competitors? 3.How can I avoid making a wrong decision? How support … Continued