We are happy to announce that the work “smart cities” that we started last year in the Atlantic rim project now will be continued in Slovakia. Partners will be Centire in Slovakia, the university Joanneum in Austria. Professor Günther Koch will work as a sub-supplier to Wissenskapital. This state-of-the-art project shows that IC is becoming more and more accepted as a prerequisite for sustainable economic development for cities as well as regions. The project starts in November and will end in 2015.


Major Projects


European Commission

  1. “Knowledge Cities in the Atlantic Arch programme 2007 – 2013″ IC coach for cities to improve innovation and regional growth http://www.test.knowcities.eu/home
  2.  “Intellectual Capital Statement – Made in Europe” Expert and Country Coach Poland
  3.  “RICARDIS – Reporting Intellectual Capital to Augment Research, Development and Innovation in SME’s” Expert

German Federal Ministry of Economics

  1. “IC Statement and Management Report” How to integrate these reports, Expert and responsibel for implementation in SEM.
  2. “Future Knowledge” Expert on finding knowledge in SME to secure future competetiveness
  3. “Wissensbilanz – Made in Germany in credit rating process” Expert
  4. “Wissensbilanz – Made in Germany – How to manage and evaluate IC in SME”, Phase I-III. Project Manager and Expert

Ministry for Economics Trade and Industry, Japan

Intangible Assets based Management and Experiences from Europe

Warsaw Stock Exchange, Poland

A model for assessing intellectual capital in listed companies